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Our projects with Metro World Child,
        Bill Wilson, Brooklyn, New York
               Feeding thousands in New York And Around-the-world.
Boxes of Love

...Sharing food that fills hearts!

With more of our kids and their families struggling more this year than in years past, they need more than a meal. They need to see that the family of God truly cares for them. Empty stomachs and empty hearts are part of these streets.

Will you help us fill hungry bellies and hurting hearts this Thanksgiving? 

Every 25-pound Box of Love is filled with holiday food items.

Just $35 provides one Box of Love containing a week's worth of food for a child's family.

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Holiday Hope

Our Christmas Holiday Hope outreach is one of the highlights of Metro World Child. One of the highlights for Metro Kids is receiving a lovingly made and stuffed Christmas stocking!

Just get a stocking to decorate, some small gift items, and stuff away! You can find full details at

Stocking should arrive at the New York office by mid November. 

A simple gift of a Christmas stocking can mean the world to a child who has never received such a blessing..

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