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There is so much to share about my life and to select what is of interest to you is not an easy task. I've heard it said, "Life is a journey not a destination" and I have found that is true.  I committed my life to Jesus Christ as a child and determined in my heart that I would follow him! That I have done to the best of ability. Not perfect for sure,  made mistakes for sure but I AM SURE God loves me and his word says he would 'direct my paths'. It's been a path of many miles, to many people all over the world and I wouldn't change a thing. So glad I am still on the journey!

About Rosella Angel Ridings

The eldest child of eight, growing up in a pastor's home, Rosella travelled the world with her parents. After graduating from High School, her parents moved to New Zealand and it was there she met her future husband, Howard J. Ridings. Her parents, the Rev's Harvey and Rose Ferrell, set the example for living a life of faith. The call of God led to a life of adventure with her New Zealand born husband, the late Dr. Howard Ridings. Together they ministered in twenty-seven countries, lived in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the United States establishing churches and various ministries.


As the wife of the late Dr. Howard Ridings, Rosella was very comfortable with life! She was co-pastor of Heart of Orlando Worship Center and Director of Special Events for Charisma Media. But following the death of Dr. Ridings, life changed immediately! The change began when she said; “God, you tell me what to do and I will be obedient.” 


You will hear Rosella say often, “God is so amazing!” as she excitedly talks about all God is doing through Metro Hope For Kids. She says, “It’s not good enough to have seen God move in the past, but what is He doing in your life today.”


After meeting Rosella, you will walk away with a   God inspired “Can Do” spirit. Thousands of lives have been blessed and encouraged through her ministry. She is an ordained minister with Evangel Fellowship International. ( as well as serves as an Executive Board Member.

Rosella may be contacted by going to the contact page and sending a request or call at 407-333-7170 .

To her surprise, she became Senior Pastor of the church followed by many opportunities to keep her commitment to be obedient. One of the things that God spoke to her to do was “To make a difference in the building at Metro World Child.” From this word was the founding of Metro Hope For Kids in May, 2011. Following a ministry trip to Asia in 2014, God again spoke to her saying, “You can do something for the little girls in the orphanage in Nagaland.” Her response was, “Yes, God, I can do something.” 


She has written articles for various publications and produced tracts, manuals, brochures, booklets and 

newsletters. She also designed and had 

manufactured the JESUS Witness watch

and clock, tools to help you share your

faith in Jesus Christ.

Rosella has served in many ministry capacities from pastor's daughter, pastor's wife, co-pastor, missionary, church administrator, music minister, Christian School Administrator, Administrative Assistant to Evangel Fellowship International and Evangel Cathedral in Spartanburg, SC, and senior pastor of Heart of Orlando Worship Center.  She and her late husband, Pastor Howard Ridings, lived in five countries and building ministries in them all.

She has also worked in the corporate world with the last position being Director of Special Events for Charisma Media. She is still involved with Charisma Media's nonprofit arm, Christian Life Missions.


Rosella is President and Co-Founder of Ridings' Ministries International, and is ordained by Evangel Fellowship International. She continues to minister world-wide.

Presently she serves as;

- Founder/Director of Metro Hope For Kids.

- Executive Board Member and Florida Director, Evangel Fellowship International, 

- Director of Special Events, Charisma Media, Lake Mary, FL. 

- Senior Associate Pastor, Word of Faith Orlando, Pastors Steve and Cheryl Ingram,

   Senior Pastors.

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