Metro World Child.
Brooklyn, New York

Pastor Bill Wilson is the Founder of Metro World Child in Brooklyn, New York which runs the largest Sunday School in the world, reaching over 125,000 in New York, So. Africa, Kenya, Romania, India and the Philippines. His principle - "It's easier to build boys and girls than to repair men and women" is the foundation for the successful, relationship-centered pattern which is making the greatest impact around the world.


His compassion and determination stems from a childhood of poverty and pain. He is driven to alleviate that same pain now heard from the children he reaches out to; children that have been abandoned by their families and societies.


Through Pastor Bill Wilson, Metro World Child brings God's love to places where most people don't even think of going. He brings light to the darkness of poverty, abuse, violence and hardship; to cities, villages, townships and homes.  

For more about Bill Wilson and Metro World Child, go to www.metroworldchild.org

Bill Wilson & Rosella Ridings looking over the map with over 200 locations in New York where Sidewalk Sunday School's are held.

Hundred's of boys and girls attend SATURDAY SUNDAY SCHOOL for an hour and a half of fun,         music, games, prizes         and a dramatized

    Bible Story.


Teams go into the NY

inner-city projects during the week and give an hour of fun, music, games, prizes and a dramatized Bible Story to boys and girls.

Volunteers wrapping thousands of gifts to be given to boys and girls at     Christmas.

    Your gift of $10 will give     a gift and a big smile!




in Africa

Little children live in the garbage dumps in the Philippines... Pastor Bill and teams are helping over           25,000 boys and girls.